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Drill, cultivator, and plough ranges expanded

Kuhn has announced new and updated products in its arable implement line-up.

The Multi-Leader XT plough can operate on-land or in-furrow. Wide offset allows use behind wider tractors in the on-land working mode.

Wide offset ploughs

The popular Multi-Leader plough range gains a new XT model for tractors up to 400hp which is available in on-land and in-furrow versions. Available with seven or eight bodies, the XT features a new draw line correction system which ensures a straight pull to increase operating efficiency, and reduce wear and fuel consumption. Offset adjustment capability allows the on-land version to work effectively on larger tractors up to 5.4m wide, including tractors on dual-wheels and tracked machines. It can also be used with a press arm, and variants with manual or automatic overload protection reset are available.

Variable-rate seeding is possible with Kuhn’s new 3m Sitera e drill. This features a mechanical metering unit with electronic drive – capable of manual or automatic GPS-based control.

Electric drive drill

A mechanical seed drill featuring electric drive which allows seed rate adjustment on the move has been added to the range. The Sitera e can be controlled through Isobus, the VT30 terminal, or Kuhn’s CCI800 or 1200 displays.

Product specialist Edd Fanshawe says that application rates of 1.5kg/ha–450kg/ha of all seed varieties can be applied precisely without changing or dismantling any parts which will save time, reduce waste, and increase seed application accuracy. Seed metering is through the Helica distributor which has a helical fluted roller. The seed application rate modulation can be adjusted manually or automatically by GPS when using an Isobus terminal with TC-Geo functionality. Using section control functionality, the seeder will also start and stop seeding automatically on headlands.

There are three 3m models – with Suffolk coulters, discs, or parallelogram Seedflex options. They are all compatible with HR1020-, 1030- and 1040-series power harrows which allow quick coupling and uncoupling of the drill unit. For faster drilling rates up to 15kph as well as reduced operating costs, the drills can also be mounted on Kuhn’s CD1020 seedbed cultivator.

The Optimer cultivator line-up has gained a new XL 12m model which is the first of its width to feature Steady Control – ensuring equal depth working across the width even on undulating ground. Pictured is the Optimer XL 6m model.

Wide stubble cultivator

A new 12m version of the Optimer cultivator is the first of its width to feature Steady Control, which maintains a uniform working depth even at higher speeds and on undulating ground and regardless of soil conditions, claims the manufacturer.

Steady Control adjusts the pressure across the five sections to ensure that discs in all the sections work to the same depth.

Working speeds up to 15kph can be achieved while maintaining a constant working depth. This will help larger farmers and contractors to cover the ground faster and more consistently at rates up to approximately 18ha per hour, explained Edd Fanshawe.

The Optimer XL range is now available in mounted and trailed versions in working widths of 3–12m. All feature independent 620mm discs which can work from 5–15cm deep.

The Optimer XL line-up includes models to suit tractors from 90–600hp, and the cultivators will improve residue management including maize stalks and green cover crops, and are available with five different rear packer options. Smaller models can also have the Kuhn SH600 seeder with a 600-litre hopper added; allowing cover crops or cereals to be placed during cultivations in a single pass.

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