Kuhn unveils product line-up for Tillage-Live 2023

Kuhn Farm Machinery is showcasing a diverse range of machinery at Tillage-Live on Thursday 14th September at WH Corbett in Atherstone, Warwickshire. Here, the manufacturer shares which products attendees can expect to see in action and which will feature on its stand.

Kuhn Tillage-Live

Megant 602R

Watch Kuhn machinery at work

Working machines on the day will include the Venta 3030 drill combined with the CD 3020 disc cultivator, the Espro 6000R drill, Striger 600R strip till machine, Prolander 6000 with TF 1512 distribution head, Optimer L12000 stubble cultivator, Performer 4000 Select cultivator and the VML Smart Plough.

The working machines will be joined by further products on the Kuhn stand including the Megant 602R drill, Maxima RXE maize drill, Cultimer L300T stubble tine cultivator, and the Aero 32.1 pneumatic fertiliser spreader.

The product selection represents Kuhn’s breadth of machinery featuring both min-till and conventional tillage machinery choices. Product specialist Edd Fanshawe suggests that the popularity of shallow cultivators reflects the desire to reduce soil disturbance. However, he says many systems still rely heavily on conventional ploughing methods.

“Kuhn has expanded the min-till range in recent years, with wider widths for the Optimer and Prolander. However, we are also focused on providing new solutions for those seeking to plough more efficiently. The VML Smart Plough is an example of how ploughing precision can be enhanced using GPS and Isobus to adjust working width, offset, working depth and levelling.”

The drills on show include the lightweight Megant 602R that can be operated by tractors with as little as 150hp. The latest Maxima RXE has electric drive and offers precision maize sowing at 10km/h. The 6m Espro 6000R will be working at the event to demonstrate how the versatile drill can work after the plough, min-till or directly in residues.

“The Kuhn drill range is one of the most comprehensive available, offering diversity for varying farming systems. We will also be demonstrating the 6m Prolander with a TF 1512 distribution head, which is suitable for the shallow incorporation of stubble and mixing in a break crop whilst also seeding the following crop in the same pass,” he adds.

Megant 602R

Kuhn’s lightweight Megant drill features new tine coulters, an updated terminal, and the option to add a second hopper. The Megant 602R shares functionality with the previous 600 model, but features half width shut off and can be specified with an additional SH 1120, 110-litre hopper to drill two crops in the same pass.

Due to its lightweight design, the Megant can be operated by tractors with as little as 150hp. Three types of tines can be specified on the Megant, including reversible forward action, straight, and a new narrow 12mm straight tine coulter which reduces soil displacement through improved penetration and also reduces wear on the tine thanks to the addition of carbide plated points.

The 602R has inherited some features from the larger Espro drill, including spring loaded nonstop track eradicators and side markers that are better suited to dry conditions. A new welded 1,800-litre hopper capable of holding 1,200kg of wheat and drilling 60ha a day replaces a riveted hopper on the previous model. The new hopper also includes internal steps to improve access to the distribution head.

The Megant has been fitted with Kuhn’s Vistaflow valves which can be configured and controlled from the terminal. This enables operators to program the flow of seed with the option to save settings for future use. Vistaflow also records tramlining configurations such as the working width and wheel track to enable more accurate use of sprayers and fertiliser spreaders which will help to reduce input costs.

Kuhn Aero

Aero 32.1.

Aero 32.1

The Kuhn Aero 32.1 pneumatic fertiliser spreader is equipped with a 24-nozzle boom and is available in working widths of 27, 28 or 30m. The mounted machine application rate is precise and modular over four sections, and it has an integrated weighing system.

The 3,200-litre hopper (1,900 litres without the extension) and working width of up to 30m make the Aero suitable for heavy use operators. It is also easy to operate, with hydraulic booms that are easy to control from the tractor cab and fold to the rear for safety on the road, Kuhn says.

Each metering unit is connected to six nozzles which can be switched on or off and be adjusted individually. It is therefore possible to modulate up to four spreading rates and to shut off individual sections, in a single pass.

The Aero 32.1 provides precision application up to the field border. This includes fine, light, or compound fertilisers, such as urea, and bulk mixtures that are usually more difficult to spread over large widths with centrifugal spreaders.

KUHN Farm Machinery



Kuhn’s Prolander has the versatility to perform multiple cultivation operations, working at speeds of 12kph and with a power requirement of just 25–35hp per working width metre. It features five rows of staggered vibrating S tines with progressively increasing spacings to ensure unimpeded trash flow. The robust frame strength allows work in stubble or seedbed and tines can be fitted with 60mm shares (seedbed preparation) or 180mm duck-foot shares (shallow cultivation).

The Prolander comes with a choice of rollers, with the double-U being suited to stubble and general tillage work whilst the tube roller (with the option of levelling harrows) is ideal for fine tilth work on light soils for root crops.

Coupled with Kuhn’s TF 1512 distribution head, the Prolander can also plant crops, cover crops and apply fertiliser. The front mounted hopper is available with 1,500 or 2,000-litre capacities and can be controlled with Kuhn’s Isobus CCI terminal or a tractor Isobus terminal.


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