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New grain handling technology on display at Midlands Machinery Show

This year’s Midlands Machinery Show will not only feature the latest heavy machinery, but also let farmers see first hand the latest technology improving harvest returns.

Harvest 2021 on-farm update

D.G Hopper Agricultural Contractors spoke to Farmers Guide, to let us know how harvest is progressing for them so far.

Second slowest start to winter wheat harvest in last eight years

Catchy weather conditions mean farmers are having to roll out the combines at every available opportunity in order to bring in this year’s winter wheat harvest, while winter barley and OSR are almost complete.

What are your post-harvest plans?

It’s easy to be captivated by the rush of combines and trailers but a strong post-harvest plan can make or break a successful harvest.

Best practice for farm-saved seed

Saving your own seed offers valuable extra flexibility and control as well as useful cost savings. But it must be done in a well-planned and managed way if this is not to be at the expense of crop performance.

Two new winter cereal varieties from one breeder’s stable now available for 2021

With both an award-winning winter barley and a high-quality soft Group 4 winter wheat suitable for distilling, Senova’s new additions to the AHDB RL for 2021/22 look rather promising.

Latest estimates show crop yields up 55% on last year

Wheat production in Britain for 2021-2022 has been forecast to reach 14.92m tonnes, according to an estimate by the AHDB.

Designing wheat of the future

Heather Briggs spoke to Prof Kim Hammond-Kosack of Rothamsted Research and Dr Simon Griffiths from the John Innes Centre who are leading Defra-funded research on wheat genetics as part of a collaboration between plant scientists and commercial breeders.

Reap cost benefit of take-all treatment as second wheat area tipped to rise

With new crop wheat trading at a healthy £160 to £170 per tonne, second wheats are looking an attractive prospect for 2021/22 cropping plans.

New grain moisture analyser brings host of improvements

Dickey-john, which pioneered the use of 149MHz/UGMA technology when its GAC 2500 was released in 2010, introduces its all-new GAC 2700-UGMA Grain Analysis Computer.

Expanding market opportunities for hybrid rye growers

Under the UK’s new Agricultural Bill and the upcoming ELMS scheme, farmers are likely to be rewarded for lowering their emissions but will ideally aim to deliver this without comprising yields. With a 45% reduction in nitrogen requirement compared with a second wheat and a significant saving on herbicide and fungicide inputs, hybrid rye could help achieve this.

See the latest direct drills in action at Cereals 2021

Minimal soil disturbance and cover crops are the cornerstones of conservation agriculture. Demonstrators in this newly expanded area at Cereals 2021 will showcase and discuss the benefits of their machinery as it relates to direct drill, min-till and no-till solutions for arable farmers.

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