Partnership provides high spec, top quality silos

An extensive range of flat bottom & hopper bottom silos are available from Perry of Oakley & SiloMasters partnership.

New year, New Store

Planning a new crop store or a refit, no matter how big or small, can be a daunting task – especially with the multitude of options available to farmers today.

Cereals 2021 returns to Lincolnshire fields

Cereals 2021 is on target to open its doors to physical visitors on 9th-10th June this year, following a series of meetings with farmers, exhibitors and health and safety advisers.

Variety ‘watch list’ for wheat yellow rust released

AHDB has issued a yellow rust watch list to help flag winter wheat varieties most likely to perform out of line with the disease ratings published in the AHDB Recommended Lists (RL).

Manganese and magnesium are vital this winter

Applications of manganese in cereals are a matter of course at this time of year, but one crop nutrition specialist is calling for growers to also consider adding magnesium to this application to help boost photosynthesis and increase rooting ahead of winter.

Spring seed considerations

David Bouch, Hutchinsons National Seeds Manager, provides his thoughts on spring 2021 and recommendations for spring seed varieties.

Red Tractor asks farmers to help shape future standards

The UK’s leading farm assurance body, Red Tractor, is urging farmers to engage in a consultation on how its farm standards should evolve.

Major changes in the latest cereals & oilseeds RL to meet complex agronomic challenges

Launched on 30th November 2020, AHDB’s online edition of the Recommended Lists for cereals and oilseeds (RL) 2021/22 features major changes to wheat rust disease-resistance ratings. Rachel Hicks reports.

Cereal farm trials to focus on IPM for harvest 2021

Harvest 2021 trials at AHDB Strategic Cereal Farms will focus on the prevention, detection and control of pests, weeds and diseases – key components of integrated pest management (IPM).

Beware of higher than normal BYDV risk

The BYDV risk is likely to be elevated this season as a consequence of several issues, says Neil Watson, technical support manager for Hutchinsons.

Striking the Right Balance with Winter Cereal Crops

Across the country 2020 yields suffered due to various weather issues, so many farmers will be keen to get their winter crops off to an early start in an effort to secure better yields next year. Consequently, many fields have already been sown with winter cereal crops.

Independent trials recognise best performing and most consistent bio-stimulants

Independent trials conducted in drought prone soils, comparing the performance of commonly used bio-stimulants on Skyfall winter wheat with a 50% fungicide programme, have found AminoA FLO to be one of the best performing and most consistent bio-stimulants in the study.

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