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New technology in the fight against grassland weeds

An innovative precision farming platform is employing artificial intelligence (AI) in the battle against weeds in grassland.

Farmplan: Gatekeeper launches major integration update with Claas

Farmplan, a leading agricultural software specialist, has released a Gatekeeper update that delivers improved integration with Claas machines, utilising wireless data transfer for enhanced functionality and efficiency.

Ease of connectivity makes transition to variable rate drilling smoother than ever before

Robert Sullivan of GSC Grays and farm manager of Raby Estates, has been looking at how to introduce variable rate applications across the two farms that make up the estate in both Durham and Shropshire.

Claydon announce prize draw to mark its 40th anniversary

It was back in July 1981 that Jeffrey Claydon set up Claydon Yield-o-Meter Ltd. To celebrate 40 years in the industry Claydon have announced they are to hold a prize draw for a years worth of Omnia Precision farming systems.

Download new Syngenta Spray Assist for added advances

An entirely new version the popular Syngenta Spray Assist App continues to advance spray application advice and techniques. Existing and new users are advised to download the upgraded version now.

SymAgri appointed as authorised dealer for Trimble Agriculture

SymAgri, Systems for Agriculture, a new division powered by the Thurlow Nunn group has been created to provide customers with independent technology solutions and is now a dealer for Trimble Agriculture products, for Norfolk, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and North Essex.

Company celebrates its 10th anniversary

For 10 years, RTKF Net has been assisting arable farmers and other businesses to increase productivity and efficiency.

Driving business value and creating a sustainable food future

As an industry, agriculture is facing new and unprecedented challenges. From concerns around sustainably feeding an ever-growing population to expanding consumer pressure for more visibility into how food is produced, we are at a crossroads.

CropTec show goes digital

The CropTec Show 2020 is the latest show to switch to a digital format due to Covid-19 restrictions.

Know the yield from your field

Precision agriculture has seen extremely rapid growth over the last few years. Between 2018 and 2023, the global market value is expected to almost double from approximately £3.89 billion to £7.30 billion.

6 steps to manage soil and black-grass around harvest

Decisions taken during harvest can have repercussions 12 months later. With farmers determined to recover from a difficult 2019/20, what steps can they take to increase the chances of a successful crop next year? 

Saving time and money with real-time alerts and monitoring

Making a farm as profitable as possible requires expert decision making. A Cornish agri-technology business is now making that much easier, by giving farmers access to real-time data and alerts to base their decisions on.

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